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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Harpist

I photographed local harpist Kylee Ervin last week. I had this cool photo in my head, her playing the harp ,backlight striking the strings. Probably a full length shot.
I got to her home, set up my lights and started shooting. About three frames into the shoot, I knew I was wrong. I shuffled my lights so both were on the same side of the harp as her face. One was slightly behind her and above, the other lighting her face. Man, this light is just kickin'.

I really try not to be too tied to any preconceived ideas I come up with before a shoot. Sometimes they are great, but often you loose a great image. Over the long(really long) years I have been doing this serendipity has been a major player in my work. You go look, and then let it flow. Just keep you eyes open, and sometimes more importantly keep your ears open. Talk to you subject and make
your picture fit them. Its their story you are telling, not you preconceived idea.

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