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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Friday Night Lights Got Brighter

I shot my first football game of the year last Friday night here in Fort Valley. It was Peach County and Warner Robins. It was actually the first football game I have shot in two years. Partly due to my work schedule, and partly due to what I was shooting with. I had been using my D90 and it was a bit too slow, plus the stadium is so dark I was having problems stopping the action.

I had two cameras die recently, so I bought another camera, a D600(Nikon, of course)
It is a wonderful little box, quite fast and has enough ISO to shoot in the darkest stadiums. 
Since it is full frame, I loose the extra magnification, so the 300f2.8 is actually 300mm, but no worries.

 The first ten minutes were pretty dismal as I worked on my timing and figuring out where to stand. The timing came back fairly quick, but after 40+ years of football, I still stand in the wrong spot half the time. 
Joe Holloway always said shooting football was half luck and half knowing where to stand. He was a wise man.  Anyway, not too bad for an old man.  The originals were color, and turned in to the Telegraph as color. I decided I wanted to see them as black and whites. 

All those Friday nights of Tri-X and Accufine developer have stuck with me, the way I still see football.

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