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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Evergreen Cemetery

I grabbed a camera yesterday and went out to see what I could find. 
Before leaving home I found several pretty images in the garden, but we can talk about them another time.
I traveled a few back roads without seeing anything that struck my fancy and ended up in Perry. 
I remembered Evergreen Cemetery and decided to wander over for a ride through.
I was not disappointed I went.

 The cemetery is not as large as Rose Hill in Macon, but has its own character. A mix of old and new
stones, with lots of trees and Spanish Moss. I got there around noon with the sun overhead. The light played
nicely  through the trees.


There are quite a few old trees, some like this old cedar with a lot of texture showing. I need to do this more often, just grab a camera and go see what I can find. And I forgot to mention I took along a film camera.
Had one loaded with color print film and decided to shoot a few frames. I will have to show you those after I have the film processed.

Monday, May 21, 2012


My grandfather Wesley Warren, always said, "One thing that's always the same in life is that things are always changing."  What a wise man he was.  Along came 2012 and demonstrated to Deborah and me just how true this can be.  He also said quite frequently that what ever came along, God would get you through it.

The last two years had been really hard financially since my layoff from Tribune Newspapers.  I really needed something to supplement my freelance work.  I knew anything I found probably would not be in a field related to photography.

Deborah's mom, who had dementia and a bunch of other health issues, had lived with us for the last ten years. In January she went into the hospital, then into a nursing home.   A short while later I was blessed with two new jobs. I landed the ultimate part-time job, three days a week at Lowe's. To me, this is like working in a  toy store.

In the middle of this, grandchild number three, sweet little Abby came along.

About the same time, I began working with James and Jodi Palmer at Macon Magazine.   The April/May issue was my first full magazine with the Palmer's. I worked with them for years at the Telegraph Two of the best folks in the world who also happen to be great writers and editors.  The top photo is my first cover for them.

The magazine requires about two weeks of really intense shooting. No problem scheduling my shoots around my time at Lowe's. Everything just moving right along. Then mid-March we lost Deborah's mom. 
Totally unexpected.

In mid-April we were gearing up for the next magazine, four weeks from deadline, and I ended up spending a week in the Med Center of Middle Georgia's Heart Center.  I came home Saturday, April 21, with a brand new defibrillator. Not exactly what I wanted for my 63rd birthday.

My doctor said I could use a camera but no heavy lifting. Deborah volunteered to be my assistant, and we were shooting the next week.  She is awesome, a great help. Setting up lights, handing me cameras and lenses when I need to swap out. Plus she has a great eye.  The photo below was from our first assignment, accompanying a story about horse therapy. 

The final shoot was with  Teen golfer Matthew Beringer.  We shot him the day before our deadline. Quite an adventure this year has been. 

But this is life. Good days mixed with some rough days, that is what its all about. But no matter what comes along, God will get you through it.

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