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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Evergreen Cemetery

I grabbed a camera yesterday and went out to see what I could find. 
Before leaving home I found several pretty images in the garden, but we can talk about them another time.
I traveled a few back roads without seeing anything that struck my fancy and ended up in Perry. 
I remembered Evergreen Cemetery and decided to wander over for a ride through.
I was not disappointed I went.

 The cemetery is not as large as Rose Hill in Macon, but has its own character. A mix of old and new
stones, with lots of trees and Spanish Moss. I got there around noon with the sun overhead. The light played
nicely  through the trees.


There are quite a few old trees, some like this old cedar with a lot of texture showing. I need to do this more often, just grab a camera and go see what I can find. And I forgot to mention I took along a film camera.
Had one loaded with color print film and decided to shoot a few frames. I will have to show you those after I have the film processed.

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