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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas From Our Little Corner of the World...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Real Dandy....

I found this dandelion this morning while walking the dogs. After observing the pristine shape and really cool backlighting, I kept Gussie from peeing on it. He noticed it, too. Anyway, I went in, grabbed an old sheet for ground cover, the D90 and two lenses, the 50 and 70-300mm. Also got the close-up filters.

The first image was shot from slightly above and with the 70-300 set for Macro. You can see the color of fallen leaves in the background. Keep that key piece of info in mind. The next was shot with zoom and the #2 close-up lens. The angle of view was high enough to still have the really out of focus leaves in the background. That is where the reddish background comes from.

The third photo is down so I am at eye level with the dandelion, not colorful leaves in the background, only street, so it goes more neutral. The white of the dandelion really pops here.

The last photo is really tight, I stacked the #2 and #4 close-up lenses on the zoom. The color from mthe background shows up more again in this one. Love the wispy look of the little parachutes. There was a little breeze blowing, had to wait several times when it was moving the whole dandelion too much.

Anyway, be mindful of not only the objects in your backgrounds but also the colors. The lens you use and the amount of magnification can change the way background elements appear.  Things can seem much closer than they really are. They can have a effect on your final image.

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