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Monday, June 4, 2012

Preserve Some History

We all have some neat images of our families, great grandparents, grandparents, parents, and if you are old like me, images from another lifetime.  Or so it seems.  Some of our old family photos are truly a bit of history.   Some have scenes that will never be seen again such as the above photo of my grandfather Wesley Warren driving a team of oxen. Have you ever seen an ox? Much less a team of them dragging huge timber out of the woods.

The photo of my other grandfather, Gus Gilleland, shows the fashion of the day.  No well-dressed man would be without his hat. My Big Daddy was no exception. And we ain't talking baseball caps, either. He had his Stetson.  The cat was optional.

The photo below shows my Mom and Dad well before I came along. A slice of the past too good not to be preserved.  We all have boxes of old photos like these, images that are so susceptible to damage and loss. 
And are irreplaceable. 

Take a little time and convert them to digital files. Makes it easy to share one of a kind photos that you and your other family members want a copy of, and also insures that your great grand kids can see where they got their awesome good looks. 

Don't stop with just the pictures.  Record the subjects, location and when the photo was taken. One day someone will really appreciate your efforts.

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