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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Celebrities on Second Street

 I went to Macon this afternoon to meet with Jodi and James Palmer to talk about the next issue of Macon Magazine. One of the things we discussed was the sudden rise in popularity of Macon for a movie site. Two so far this year, with a bit of downtown being transformed.  As shown above, Second Street is now looking like 1940's New York City.

After the meeting I wandered downtown and shot a few photos of the transformation work.  And yes, I was hoping to spot a celebrity or two.

The crew working on Second Street went about their tasks while a lot of home folks watched and took pictures. They were willing to answer questions as they worked, quite good natured about the interruptions.

I had given up on finding a celebrity and was walking back to my truck when I observed a true celeb sitting behind the wall of a downtown sidewalk cafe.  Behind those Foster Grants(actually I think they are Rayban's) calmly munching an apple, Macon's own action star Woody Marshall.  Had to tell him on how suave he looked, Nikon D3 casually tossed on the table.

So, the object of this discourse is simply to remain calm if you are in the downtown area and run across Harrison Ford or some other big name star.  Woody had to remind me to take my lens cap off for this shot.
Get a couple of pictures, and move on. Don't gawk, or make silly comments. Just exhibit some of our natural southern charm.


Josephine said...

hmmm... seems interestin...

+wordphan said...

Danny! You forgetting to take off a lens cap? Inconceivable! Impossible! You have been a photographer, I think, ALL your life. Harrison Ford? Don't think he could rock your boat! You are cool personified! Great work and well done!

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