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Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Moment

"We photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing, and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth can make them come back again. We cannot develop and print a memory." Henri Cartier-Bresson

So true in fishing and photography, we often remember the one that got away. Some you miss because you are not paying attention, and the moment is shooting baseball quite often. Get bored, not paying attention and there goes the picture. Some get away because we don't have a camera with us, or we don't want to take time to stop and shoot.

With the great little digital cameras around today not having a camera along is not a valid excuse. I always have a camera in reach these days, sometimes just in a hurry, or too lazy. I was driving home in January and saw this amazing sunset on Georgia Highway 49 in Peach County. It was great, sun huge and hanging low right over the top of a hill, taillights of cars driving into the sun. Didn't want to be late for dinner, so I drove past it. Finally turned around and went back. But alas, Henri, it was too late. I chased the sunset, and got some photos several miles away. What I could have done in five minutes took me almost an hour.

The photos I shot were not bad, but not what could have been.
Always take the time to shoot. You may never look at them again, but don't loose the moment. So much of being a good photographer is discipline. Make that a part of your discipline.

Punch that shutter button.


Edge said...

Great Blog...I look forward to reading it. I too am interested in photography. However my knowlege is limited on the subject. But most people say I have a 'good eye'. Look foward to learning some new stuff from you.

Kim Abbott said...

My college photography professor hounded us about always having a camera with us. He told us over and over that we would regret it one day when the perfect picture passed us by. I've managed some really wonderful, though not compositionaly perfect, pictures because I finally followed his advice. I have a little HP 5 mp camera in my purse at all times and I can say, it does come in handy. Love your pictures, Danny. You've got the style that I hope to improve in my own photos. Keep up the amazing work!

PATRICIA said...

I can only dream of taking pictures like this one day. I so enjoy talking with you about pictures and everything else. You are such an amazing man, and I am blessed to know you. Thank you for taking the time to help me. I look forward to learning more.

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