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Friday, October 10, 2008

The 1978 Atlanta 500

I found these pictures from a trip to Atlanta Raceway the week before the 1978
Atlanta 500. Would you believe Richard Petty eating a bologna sandwich?
I always enjoyed shooting qualifying days better that the actual race.
You could wander freely through the garage area getting great images of the
drivers mingling with each other, crew members and the camp followers with
VIP passes.

Petty, the Allison's, all the drivers of their day were the coolest, most laid back
open group of celebrity/sports figures to photograph. Just a bunch of good ole boys
who loved to go fast. Redneck heaven.

And speaking of rednecks, here is an image of my friend, self proclaimed
redneck and AP photog Joe Holloway, Jr. Another nice thing about days before
the race, you could visit with other shooters. Notice the pile of Nikon F2's on the table,
along with Joe's often present Leica M3.

Janet Guthrie was running that year. She told us "you better shoot
now because you are not getting pictures after the helmet comes off." The
guys never worried about helmet hair.

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Misty said...

Glad to see you'll still be blogging. Good luck with your new ventures - your work will be sorely missed on the pages of the Houston Peach!

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