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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Take A Look A Some Great Images!!!!

I mentioned last week that my photo group from church had a photo expedition to Rose Hill recently. 
I just wanted to share some of their work. I love sharing the passion I have for this wonderful art, and it is so cool to see others discover their talent.  The top photo is from the camera of Brian and Melissa Edwards.

Bruce Tamker did the cool photo of the wrought iron above.

Erica Lewis put my fisheye to good use with the pyramid and sun.

Mike Slayton got in close on this statue showing the detail.

Celia Tamker showed her skill with the composition of her "Thinking Lady"
while Vanessa Fields worked with the light and textures in the image below.

From the moment we arrived these folks were out shooting pictures. They have learned how to see the world on a different level, finding the different and the beautiful. Not only are they finding interesting subjects to capture, but they make them work photographically.  Using the light, the angle, the right lens for what they see with their hearts.

They do truly inspire me.

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