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Monday, January 26, 2015

It's A Blah Day, But Grab Your Camera

Today has been a really blah day, but a great day for photography. Heavy overcast days like today produce a really even light.  This works great for doing pictures of objects that have a lot of detail and also soft colors.  Bright sun is great for bold colors, but can easily wash out pastels and detail. Bright, direct sun also gives you harsh shadows.

I wanted detail in both leaf photos, and to capture both the highlighted areas and the shadow areas. The diffused light made this easy to accomplish.  The tree in the bottom photo has cool detail and also interesting color tones that just don't show up very well with direct sunlight.

You do have to adjust for the lower light levels, shooting a bit slower, or shooting at a higher ISO.
Cloudy days are also great for portraits, giving even light on faces, doing away with shadows.

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