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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Welder

Last week I was returning to the office from an assignment when I spotted
Fort Valley Public Works employee David Roberts repairing a broken storm drain cover. This was one of those times when you just know that by the time you park and get back to the scene everything will be over.

As it worked out I had plenty of time to shoot. I didn't bother with anything but my fisheye lens. Knew it would make a cool image. The top photo is the one of the first images I shot. David moved around to the other side of the drain cover, and I swapped places with him

When I initially began editing the shoot, the second photo was my choice. Love the sparks and smoke, the glare kicking back from his mask. You can see the welds in the foreground. But I kept going back to the first image.
You got smoke and sparks, but you also have the really cool lines made by the roof of the house and the sidewalk just pulling your eye to the action.

My final choice for the paper was the top one.

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