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Friday, January 30, 2009

How 'Bout Some Billy Beer

As a photojournalist in middle Georgia during the 1970's I photographed Jimmy
Carter lots of times. My first encounter was when he ran for governor, then as Georgia's
governor, and during his run for the prsidency.
Over the years I photographed different members of the Carter family. His brother
Billy was my favorite. He was no politician, he never pretended to be anything
he wasn't. Billy was just a good ole boy from Plains, Georgia who ran a service
station and loved drinking beer with his buddies.
During the Carter years Lots of folks came to PLains, Jimmy's home town. A bunch
of them came to meet Billy. Celebrities came to have their image struck with Billy.Supermodel Margaux Hemingway came to Plains and did a Vogue fashion shoot using Billy and his service station as props.

Billy even had a beer named after him. I was the first photographer to get pictures of him with his new beer.
The images were picked up by the wire services and used all over. The top photograph made Saturday
Night Live's Weekend Update twice.
What this country needs are more cool First Brothers.


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