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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Japanese Magnolia Blooms

We have a beautiful Japanese Magnolia in our yard. Only one year in the five we have lived here have we seen it bloom and run its full cycle without getting zapped by the cold.

Two weeks ago it started to bloom, and once again the forcast was for freezing weather within a couple of days. Deborah cut several branches and brought them inside. They were too pretty not to shoot.

I lit them with two off-camera flashes, one in front and to the left, the other above left from behind them. No light modifers, just direct flash. I had them in the middle of the room so the background would go dark with a high shutter speed.

I did all the Photoshopping in these using Layers. I did my usual color adjusting and toning, but did a bit of enhancing using Selective Color to saturate the colors and make the whites a little more pure.
Most were shot with my old 70-300 Macro, but thye last one was with the Tokina 10-17 Fisheye. Make a really different image.

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