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Sunday, May 30, 2010

This One's For The Birds

Today after Deborah and I got home from church we noticed a lot of activity on our bird feeders hanging near our backporch. We have several feeders that we can watch through the windows.
I grabbed a camera and shot some from inside the house. The top photo was shot through the window and screen. The pictures had a softness to them caused by the screen. It was a cool photo, but I wanted closer.

I got my tripod and set it up in the yard focused in on a feeder. I went inside and waited for another feathered visitor.

Some birds came close, landed in the nearby trees, then flew away. Our cats were lurking in the bushes. The cats finally wandered away, and the birds came back. I used my ML-L3 wireless remote to trigger the camera. The Cardinal was a little jumpy at the camera firing but soon got over it.

This little remote is a handy little item. It cost less than 20 bucks from B&H Photo, and works with the D90, D200 and the D70. It is infrared, so it is line of sight; but still a handy item. Works great for getting yourself in the photo, too.

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