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Friday, July 2, 2010

Birds and Cats

I came home from the gym Tuesday morning to find Deborah in the process of rescuing a baby Blue Jay. The little guy must have fallen out of his nest. Deborah took him away form one of our cats. We could not find hsi nest, so she put him in the top of a trellis in out garden.

The little guy was calling his mom and dad, but also managed to attract the cats again. Our cat hunkered down at the bottom of the trellis for a while, then sprang to the top. I shot a couple of pictures of her at the bottom eyeballing the bird. She jumped up the the top with the bird. There was a great shot of her face right behind the bird. I went to chase the cat away. I must be getting really old and soft. I didn't shoot the picture before I went to the rescue. I am still kicking myself for passing up that photo. Course if I had got the photo, and the cat got the bird, Deborah would have kicked my butt.

Momma and Daddy bird finally came, and I got a nice reunion shot. We kept the bird away from the cats for a day and a half, but he finally died. His parents seemed to give up on him. Just another day in nature, I guess.

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Teressa and the N2N crew said...

Love the pictures-so sad about the baby.We have a pair of jays who nest in our front yard each year. They detest our tuxedo kitty, Louie. They don't seem to mind the other three cats but they really have it in for Lou. Every time he strolls across the front yard, they dive bomb him, sending him flying head over heels. He never seems to know what hit him. Jays have such chutzpah...

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