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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Beauty At The Landfill

I went to the Houston County Landfill this past week to shoot the installation of two huge methane gas powered generators. Quite the cool green project. The generators will provide electricity for over a thousand homes, powered by garbage, or the gas created by the decomposing garbage.

The Houston County Landfill is not what one would expect, thinking of a garbage dump. It is literally quite green, the reclaimed areas looking more like a park.

There are always buzzards around the freshly dumped trash. They follow the tractor, trying to get a bite before the refuse is covered with earth. When the tractor gets too close, they take to the air. The view from below provided a great shot of the birds.

The sky was full of clouds that added to the scene, I wanted to capture them as well. I did my telephoto thing, but had to get a wide angle shot of the sky. That gave me the top image, a bit of 15mm action. One of the coolest cloud shots I have ever done. A bit of beauty from the landfill.

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