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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The First Day of School #40?

OKay, I am not sure about the number, but I think yesterday when I did the first day of school in Houston County, this may have been Year 40. Man, that is a long time. I have done a bunch, but I still have a lot of fun covering the first day.

The best years have involved the younger kids. There is so much excitment, and anticipation with both the young students and parents. Usually the school staffs share in that anitcipation and excitment as well.  This year I was at Perdue Primary in Houston County. Principal Leslie Schultz welcomed me into her school, and let me do my thing.

I still look forward to the covering the first day of school, I am as excited as my subjects. It is a milestone in the lives of parents and kids, especially the first day of school for kindergarten kids. It is cool to be there documenting the moment.

I was a bit worried about the day, my 80-200f2.8 is away for repairs. I rely on that fast lens when shooting candids like the one above. I had no choice but to use my 70-300 zoom. It is a slow lens, a 4.5/5.6, depending on where between 70 and 300mm you happen to be. I shot at 1600 ISO and had enough light to get by. The lens is light enough I got by shooting at 1/60th of a second.

The photo above is my favorite from the morning's shoot. Amanda Williams was kissing her son Aidan goodbye. Typical little boy, kissing Mom while still involved in what he had been doing, which was coloring. He didn't put his crayon down, and I framed the shot so their kiss was between his hands.

Not bad for my 40th year.

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