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Monday, August 30, 2010

High School Football Has Begun!!!!

High School football has begun for another year. Would think that after all these years I would be tired of shooting it.  Wrong.

It is so much easier now than forty years ago. The new technology: autofocus, 300f2.8 lenses, the ability to shoot at a very high ISO. Don't think there is any high school stadium in our area where we can't shoot available light.

And no rushing back to the darkroom to process six of seven rolls of film. Then we had to make prints and hand deliver them to the Sports desk.

My first game was Tattnall and Southwest Georgia. For my first game I did ok. I had usable photos. My timing was a bit off. THis past Friday I shot Houston County at Perry. The rains stopped before the first kickoff so I stayed dry. I did take my rain gear. Last week I forgot my poncho and stuff.

One thing that has not changed over the years. Every year I have a least one nice photo that I can't use because the players number is left off the roster. The top photo falls into that category. The runner is Number 17 for Houston County. He was not on the roster.

Hope that will be the only one this year.

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