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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Politically Correct

A couple of Saturday's ago I covered the annual Sonny Perdue Fish Fry in Perry.
I needed a good Sonny photo since it is his fish fry. but I also needed to shoot Gubernatorial candidates Karen Handel and Nathan Deal. The two were facing off the next Tuesday in the Republican primary.

Photographing the candidates is fairly simple at events like this. You just wait for them to arrive, and follow them around grabbing pictures of them shaking hands and kissing babies.  Deal came fairly early and Handel was delayed. That gave me plenty of time to get good shots of him before she arrived.

I was waitong by the door when she came in and followed her as she hit the crowd. I had several nice shots of her, including the one below with Judy Smith. A few minutes later, as Handel moved between two groups of people, someone yelled, "Hey, I'm over here, I am the real Karen Handel." You never know what to expect any more. Last Saturday Nancy Grace had two armed guards standing over her during her Macon book signing. Anyway, a Handel supporter, David Bachman, was covering his face with a magazine featuring Handel's lifesize photo on the cover. I stopped, laughed, and took his picture.

I figured we need a laugh this election season.

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