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Thursday, August 26, 2010

HD Video With The D90

I have always enjoyed playing with video, but too often I would be shooting stills and think “Hey, this would be great video.” It was always a pain to swap back and forth between video and still cameras. And so often, the video camera was no where near.

Last week I was in the floor photographing Deborah and our grandson Garrett. Our living room is a bit dark, even a mid-day. I was using the D90 with my old 20mmf2.8, a fine prime lens. I was shooting at 2000 ISO. I decided some video for great-grandma would be a good idea and almost got up to get the video camera. I knew by the time I went down the hall to the office and got the video camera, cranked it up and started shooting, Garrett would be in a different mode.

So I punched two buttons and captured the attached video with the D90, HD video with sound.

Pretty handy that the newer DSLR’s can capture really good video. The ability to shoot at higher ISO is cool, so is the ability and the look you get using the DSLR lenses. I have tried doing video with every lens from my 10mm fisheye up through a 300mm. Pretty cool. I have never had a wide enough lens on a video camera, now I do.
Nikon’s newest is the D 3100. It also boosts the ISO to 12,800. Can’t wait to play with that puppy.

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