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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Eat A Peach

I shot the Peach Festival today for the Telegraph. I have no idea how many times I have covered this event, but a bunch. It can be a challenge to repeat something like this and come up with something different.  This year there were two new things to shoot.  One was a peach eating contest. There was only one other year when the competition was held, and I don't think I covered it that year.

Today gave me a really cool opportunity. One of the contestants, Elizabeth Stowe, wore her sunglasses. Each contestant was given a bucket with 20 peaches to eat from. I noticed the bucket of peaches was reflected in her glasses. I dumped the 70-200 for the 300mm and made the above photo.

Another new thing was these huge plastic bubbles folks were to try to navigate around a pool of water. Not an easy task, but one that did produce a couple of cool shots.

My last picture was the one above of Magdalene Volner. She was sitting under her brightly colored umbrella. I was talking to my friend Billy Powell when I saw her across the street.  I excused myself from Billy and went for this photo. I really like it.

These three were worth spending the day in the heat.

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