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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fresh Blueberries

I picked a basket of blueberries this morning. What a treat, love these little things. First time I have picked any in over ten years.  The City of Fort Valley has a bunch of blueberry bushes in one of our parks. They are maintained by the city, and anyone can go and pick, for free.  

I had to do a few pictures, they looked so good on the bushes. I am shooting more and more as RAW files, and doing much better preparing them.  Most of the work on these two was done in Camera Raw, very little in Photoshop. 

It is amazing how much more information is available in a RAW file as compared to a JPEG.  You have so much more latitude, like comparing transparency film to to color negative film. It takes little more time editing, but well worth it. 

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