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Friday, July 22, 2011

Some Cool Plugins

I found some pretty cool free plugins that work with both Photoshop and Elements 9. You can find them at  The site has several free packs of plugins. This one has several effects.
The top photo is the LOMO filter. It gives a similar image as the LOMO Konpakt Avtomat, a Russian cult camera of some fame.

The middle photo was done with the sepia effect, and the bottom was using the "Old Photo" effect. It lets you ad as much grain as you want. Each filter has various sliders to control contrast and other features. You can change the tint in both the sepia and the old photo filters. With the old photo, you can distress the photo, giving the look of a damaged, scratched print. You really have to play with each one to see what you can do, and how much you like the effect.

There are other filters in the pack, you can do a colorizing effect, a softening filter called Dreamy, and one called Grunge. Check them out, the price is right.

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