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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How Cool Is This?

There have been thousands of Red-wing Blackbirds in a field of  millet alongside Highway 96 the last several days. They fly back and forth between the millet and a sod farm across the road. I had to shot today and get a photo or two.
The birds will land, and nibble a while, then rise up and wheel across the field in a huge wave before landing again.

Not only is it an awesome sight, but the sound amazing. When the rise and turn, the number of little
wings beating the air is quite loud.  Kinda freaky when they span the highway.
It is fascinating looking at the individual birds in each photo. So many shapes and postures.
Nature is way too cool.


Kathy said...

Danny, these are awesome pictures. My mother has a farm on 96 and I've seen the birds too, but you really captured the essence of the scene. You should consider sending them to the National Audubon Society. They have contests, but I don't know if there is one going on now.

Woody Marshall said...


What a beautiful photograph.

Madhavi said...

I love seeing the pigeons rise up in unison and fly away like on a single mission. This is really good.

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