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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Very Good Friday Night

I shot the Peach County-Worth County playoff game last night. I have not been real happy with my football this year. As I was getting my gear ready yesterday I began thinking about this year's work, and what I was doing different. I realized the only thing I was doing differently was shooting the 300/f2.8 from
a monopod. 

I just don't have the movement with the lens that I have hand-holding. I guess I had decided that at my old age I should give it up and go the easy route. The last several years I have hurt Saturday morning after football
and decided to go easy on my old self.

Last night I shot without the monopod and it felt like football again. Really happy with what I shot. I know some games just work out better than others as far as art, but I could feel the difference last night.
For me, it makes a difference not being stuck on a stick.

The photos show here are a nice series. The top photo shows Worth County quarterback Rodney Farley as he was trying to pass. The Peach County defense was all over him all night. Debarrious Miller got a hand on him in the top photo, then Lamont Wray hit him(middle photo) and knocked the ball free.  The ball bounced loose for a while, then Wray grabbed in and scored. The bottom photo shows him crossing the goal line with the ball.

Not bad for an old man.

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