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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Zombie Encounter

I experienced a recent Zombie Encounter. I had the opportunity to photograph Tiffany Osborn and Stephanie Busbee made up for the Halloween season. The two did a great job with outfits and props. The doll was a really cool touch. Tiffany did their makeup. All I had to do was shoot.

I thought a woodsie setting would be kinda good for the environment, and Wellston Trail was a convenient
location.  We shot in the edge of the trees along the trail and on the bridge. The bridge worked out really nice. Love the way it is positioned in the top photo, and the unsuspecting walkers approaching the waiting peril is a nice touch.

I used two lights for the top shot, one on camera right, one behind them to give some separation from the background. The light in front was to help bring out detail and light their eyes.  The top image was shot with my fish eye lens to give the image a little eerie bump,  fro a little extra detail, and to grab some of the environment. Most of the heavy lifting was done post production.
  I toned and worked the photos in Photoshop Elements. Used Highlights/Shadows in the lighting adjustments to help bump up and emphasize the detail. Then went into Color Efex Pro 4 and used the detail extractor. Next added a bit of fog.

I went back to Photoshop and used levels, the eyedropper and airbrush to even out their makeup.

 The bottom shot was with the zoom at 135mm for a bit of compression. It was ambient light. It got pretty much the same post work.

Happy Halloween!!!

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