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Thursday, December 31, 2015

This Old House

This old house sits alongside Highway 96 between Geneva and Reynolds, Georgia.  Have no idea how old it is, but I have been driving past it for well over fifty years. It looks very Antebellum, like it should have been in the middle of some huge cotton plantation. Maybe it was.  Though someone has always lived in the house, I don't remember ever seeing any folks around the grounds.

Tracy, my daughter,  has a fascination for the place like her old daddy does. Guess I kinda did this one for her. I was driving back from Columbus yesterday in the rain, and as I passed it, decided it was time I did a photo of the place.

I really wanted the trees and some of the grey sky in the image. There was no way to do that without a bunch of utility lines....and I do mean a bunch.  This image has about thirty minutes of work in it. Besides the usual toning and photoshopping, I worked for quite a while removing power lines.  Some went through the trees, and that was tedious work.

After removing the unwanted elements with the clone tool, I enhanced the sky, and added a bit of fog and gloom. This is the way I have always seen the place, a dark reflection of what it may have been.

Happy New Year.....

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