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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Not Quite As Old As Me....

This old Mack truck has been sitting alongside Highway 96 in Reynolds for  a while now.
Every time I drive by, I tell myself I need to shoot it. Yesterday I stopped and asked Tabb at .Full Power Diesel if it was ok to shoot some pictures.

 If you see something you want to photograph, always take the time to ask the owner's permission. 

This is believed to be a 1952 model Mack. Lordy, I am three years older that it is. And it looks better than me. The previous owner ran it as a wrecker until the early 1980's, then parked it. Tabb rescued it from the woods where it had been sitting. 

 I have always loved old Mack trucks, so much character.

 Hope you enjoy seeing these images.  Not too many of these old beauties still around.

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