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Friday, March 18, 2016

The Whistling Baby

This is a photograph I did in 1982, ran in the Macon News July 13, and young Carrie Cohen was 8 months old. At the tender age of 7 months her Dad, Louis Cohen, taught her to whistle. This astounding fact was brought to the attention of writer Catherine Lee, who asked if I would like to shoot a photo.

The photo shows young Carrie whistling away to the obvious joy of proud parents Darline and Louis. The story and photo were picked up by the Associated Press and Carries puckered face was gracing the pages of newspapers all over the country.  A friend who was in Rome, Italy at the time even saw the photo on the front page of the Daily American.

Gotta wonder where she is now, and can she whistle "Dock of the Bay?"  What a cutie.

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