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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Its Been A While

 I have recently started a new project that requires doing large amounts of HDR photography. Most of what I have been shooting lately has been HDR just to improve my skills in that area. The learning curve is pretty steep for an old man, but it has been fun.

I have tried several programs, as I have written before, and still come back to Photomatix for the result I like. I don't really care for the exaggerated look that you so often see in HDR. You get the look, but still close to reality.

I had gone out this morning to shoot with my newest camera, a Kodak Retina that is almost as old as I am.
It is a 1950 model, a cool little film camera. More on it soon.  Anyway, I carried along my D600 and decided that these two store fronts on Lowe Street in Fort Valley were too good not to do in Color. My little Retina is loaded with Ilford HP5. 

Really like the window shot. It makes for a nice image, lot of symbolism going on there!

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