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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

An Explanation of HDR Photography

 The top photo is an HDR photo. HDR is High Dynamic Range.  You can see all the detail in the photo, much as your eye would see the scene. The bottom photo is how your camera see the same scene. Your eye and brain compensates for all the differences between the highlights(brighter areas) and the areas in deep shadow. The camera has to average all these values and give you something in the middle.

To do this as an HDR image, I shot an exposure that captured the shadow area, overexposing the rest of the image. I shot a second image that was the camera's chosen exposure, then did one more that captured the brighter areas. It left he truck under the barn too dark.

I then used an HDR program to combine the images giving the top photograph. The three images have to be done without moving the camera, so all parts of the image will match up when you combine them. Best to shoot on a tripod.

These were done with Photomatix software. With it, you can use up to nine exposures. The key is be sure you get the extremes in exposure in your scene covered. Most DSLR's have auto exposure bracketing which helps in doing the needed exposures. I set my D600 to do three exposures, each two stops apart. 

If you want to try this, there are several free programs, and a bunch, including Photomatix that have free trails that usually last a month. 

Just a reminder, ask permission before you photograph something on private property. 

   The last image was done with a program called MachineryHDR. It produces images that are kinda surreal. The colors are a bit exaggerated, detail is intensified. For some images I like the look, but like a fisheye lens, it ca be very overdone. Each photograph is different. So are personal taste.

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Trudie Marzig said...

Very interesting, I see all these things on my new phone and camera but not sure what it is all about. Thank you for sharing!

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