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Thursday, June 11, 2009

A New Camera

I have been trying to decide what new camera to buy for the last six months. Using the Nikon D3 my last few months at the Telegraph sure spoiled me. It is a great camera, but I could not justify the money. Same for the D700. I would like to have a full frame DSLR, maybe one day.

I had my mind made up for the D300 and was saving my pennies for the purchase. Then along comes the D90. At first I didn’t pay too much attention to it, but I began to read more about this little gem, then ran into several folks who are shooting with one. They all rave as do the magazines.

Well. I got mine Monday evening. Wow. What a sweet little camera. So far every thing I have hear is true. It works at 6400 ISO, the color is really clean coming out, doing a lot less Photoshop so far. The live view could be a handy tool as well.
I have only done a short little video to say I did it. The quality is pretty good.
Only problem was with my old card reader. It wouldn’t recognize the new SDHC card.
The photo above is from the first assignment I did with it.
We all have our priorities, and for what I am doing now, this little jewel is perfect.
Way to go, Nikon.

And by the way, less than 800 bucks refurbished from B&H.

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