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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Football Is Back

I shot my first football of the season last Friday night. Peach County had a scrimmage game with Northside in Warner Robins. This was my first game back at McConnellTalbert Stadium since I retired from the Telegraph. This is always a great stadium to shoot football in, especially early in the season when there is still a bit of daylight. The field runs East to West, and the late afternoon light is awesome.
It is also a bad stadium for rain, cause if you don’t have rain gear, there is nowhere close to go. The Weather Channel said no rain. I drove Deborah’s car to the game, took only cameras, lenses and extra batteries. I did wear my old White Sox cap. That old cap has seen way too many football games. It is about as worn as my knee joints.
As always I got there early. The Weather Channel lied. It was 25 minutes of really heavy rain. I had no poncho, no towel, just an old baseball cap. I was glad to have the cap.
I was really looking forward to shooting my first football with my new D90. It got wet and screwed up. My D70 got wet and four days later it still don’t work. Guess its dead. I shot with my old trusty D200.
The rain stopped a good bit before the game started, but the sky was still really overcast. The western sky was open and the sun was coming in at the perfect angle.
The top photo of the players warming up before the game shows the cloud cover. The lower photo was during the game. Really sweet light.

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