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Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Little Beauty Is Good For The Soul

I went down the road to Brown’s Farm Market last week. It is about a thirty minute drive and well worth it. They plant several acres of zinnias across the road from the market every year. They make wonderful pictures. I have gone three or four times before and always come back with a happy camera.

It started raining fairly early the day of my planned trip. Rained pretty steadily for a couple of hours. I had decided not to go, but in the afternoon the rain stopped, so I hit the road. By the time I got to Montezuma, the sun was back out.

I went into the zinnias and started following butterflies around. The flowers are planted in red clay. After about fifteen minutes I had so much mud on the bottoms of my shoes, I could hardly keep them on. The field slopes down away from the road, and I almost busted my butt a couple of times.

No pain, no gain. The good pictures are always a bit more trouble. These are two of my photos. I love the red in the background on the top image. Really sets it off. I saw the red thru the lens and moved a bit to get it like I wanted it. The second one was shot as the butterfly left the bloom. It really creeps me out. The legs look like an alien.

You should make a day every so often to do some pretty pictures. It’s good for the soul.

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