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Monday, August 31, 2009

Let The Games Begin!!!!!

I shot my first real football game of the year Friday night. Spent all day watching it rain. but
the clouds were gone at game time. I was glad to have a dry night. Still have a camera that
doesn't work from that scrimmage game in the rain. I did pack a poncho this time.

Friday night was a good test for my D90, shooting action and also high ISO. Peach County
plays in a dark stadium. Still had some daylight when the game cranked up at 8pm, but it went away pretty quickly. The color from this little jewel amazes me.

The camera is quick enough to shoot action, and does well at 6400 ISO. I have shot all week using the D Active lighting and it has been a help in low light shooting high ISO's. It balances out the shadows and highlights, giving some shadow detail I would not have had.

I also got to shoot with Grant Blankinship Friday night. He broke out the laptop before halftime to make deadline. That part of Friday night football I don't miss. Kinda nice having all weekend to get pictures ready.

Looks like this will be a good season.

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