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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The First Haircut

Friends Ben and Christina Forbus have twins, Abbie and Acie. I have photographed them quite a few times, they always make for good photographs. Last week Abbie was getting her first haircut. Her mom was cutting it, and this was the first haircut in Christina’s new business.

I figured that mom and daughter would make for a nice photo. Brother Acie and dad were sitting nearby watching this historic event. There is a special bond between dads and their daughters. That first haircut is a biggie. I should have remembered.
I still have a lock of hair from my daughter Tracy’s first haircut.

Anyway, I shot a photo early in the haircut that showed a lot of environment with dad and brother in the photo. Then I concentrated on the haircutting. I just happened to catch dad with that misty look in his eye. Glad I had the 70-200 on a body hanging off my shoulder. That is why I carry two cameras.

Whenever you are photographing any event, always keep an eye on everyone involved. You never know when a great photo opportunity will pop up.

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