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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shooting into the sun

I really like these photographs. I was photographing model Kimberly Uso on a recent Saturday.
We were shooting with the sun coming in from one side. I was using the sun as a backlight with a flash set up on her right. It was making nice fill, the sun was doing its part.

Kimberly has really long hair. I asked her to try flipping her hair. I began with a longer lens, and came up with the first photo. It is a nice image. made a neat photo.
I swapped to a wider lens, and moved to a lower angle. The bottom image is the result. Wow.
Everything worked. Just enough fill flash, her neclance is hanging in the air, nice rim light and backlight in her hair. And the sun kicking inthrough the trees.

A definite keeper.

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