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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trojan Man

Peach County High’s mascot is the Trojan. This county takes a great deal of pride in
Its football team. There are a lot of really dedicated fans. One of those fans in Daryl Hawkins. To me, he is Mr. Peach County Football. Actually, he is the Trojan Man.
Every Friday night but one since 1992 he has been on the sidelines wearing his Trojan outfit. He is one hard working dude. He is on the sidelines pre-game getting the fans fired up, having his photo made with young kids, being greeted by friends.

When the team runs through the big banner onto the field, Daryl is running flat out in front, carrying a huge flag. With each Peach County score, he is running the length of the sidelines with that big flag.

I have been wanting to do a story on him since the 2005 season. Every year I have gotten busy and put it off. This year I made it a priority. It ran in this week’s paper.
You can check it out at

Anyway, here are some of the images I did for the story. Not only is he a local celebrity, but the Trojan Man is even well known among Peach County’s opponents.
The bottom photo shows Daryl posing with the majorettes from Cairo High.
The girls came over and asked to have a picture made with them.

You go, Trojan Man.

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