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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Beauty Of The Human Heart

Yesterday presented one of those mixed assignments that has elements that really make you feel good and then rip your heart out. I was covering the opening ceremonies at the Warner Robins American Little League. Little League is always good for happy, excited kids…lots of feel good photos like the one of three-year-old Stephen Laney in his just a bit too big baseball uniform, cap over his eyes, swinging a bat that was way too big. He wasn’t old enough to play, but he came to see his big brothers.

Also the joy, happiness and anticipation on the faces of the Red Sox players sitting with Kelly Nauss.

This was countered by a family that was experiencing a great tragedy. James and Melva Sullivent were dealing with the loss of their two daughters Bridget and Leslie. The two girls, avid softball players, were killed in an auto accident Thursday night. Had they lived, the two would have been celebrating the day with family and friends, kicking off a new softball season. Instead, their memory was honored by kind words and an outpouring of love by those in attendance

Not an easy thing for me to do, photographing folks during moments of pain and grief. Totally against my nature. I am torn between doing a job I love, and feeling a lot of guilt at my intrusion into a family’s grief.
Never has gotten any easier.

There is a beauty in all these images, although so very different. The beauty of the human heart.


Mary said...


Not only are you a gifted artist, you are a writer as well. Your photo's and your words brought this story full circle , and I found it profoundly and accurately titled.

Thank you for sharing, it was just right.


Elaine Dorsey said...

Just to say I agree with Mary. Well done.
Elaine D.

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