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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nesting Sparrows

 Deborah alerted me to a really nice photo opportunity Saturday. Mom and Pop Sparrow were building a nest in  a vent in the empty house next door. The two were bringing in material one at a time. I took the 70-300 and eased out the back door. We have lots of birds around our yard, we keep our feeders full. We also are in the garden enough that the birds are kinda used to seeing us so sometimes photographing them is easier than normal.

I shot a few frames from a good distance away, then worked my way closer. We have a table with an umbrella on the patio that was the prefect place to shoot from. I sat under the umbrella and the two son ignored me completely.

I goit some nice images Saturday, will have to wait to see what happens when their young ones come along.
It is spring, get out and enjoy nature.

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