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Monday, May 2, 2011

Girls Soccer

I shot my first soccer game of the year last week. I aways worry a bit about shooting soccer. I guess I have not logged the hours shooting soccer that I have other Middle Georgia sports. Soccer is the "new sport" to me. It is fun to shoot, and the action never stops. Not like football or baseball where you have an idea where you want to be aiming the camera. I follow the ball most of the time shooting football, but you still have an idea where its going.

The top photo of Warner Robins Maggie Dimes was one of those shots where I wished I had been on the opposite side. As you can see, it was a heck of a photo, but would have been better had her foot not covered her face. But even with her face partly covered, from the other side you would not have seen her toes against the ball.
The second shot I didn't turn offer up for the newspaper, but thought it was a cool photo of Erin Hill lining up her kick while team mate Maggie Dimes takes a moment to put her hair back up...all the while keeping her eye on the ball as she ran forward.

You won't see that at a boy's game.

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