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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Animal Week or What?????

Guess this has been my week to grab some kinda interesting animal shots. The lower photo will probably upset some folks. Deborah didn't like the picture of her "Sweet Elsa" with the bird in her mouth. She is a really sweet and loving cat, but she is a cat. Stephen King so rightly stated that cats were the outlaws of the animal world. Too true.

I was at the Houston County Relay For Life last night when I spied Cloie,  a miniature  Dachshund and her master Mike walking down the Relay course well before the 6:30pm beginning ceremony. They were in the company of another small dog and master. Seems the Relay folks had asked that no doggies accompany the walkers, so Cloie had to leave. No telling what damage a three inch tall wiener dog could have done to the assembled masses.

Earlier in the week I was headed out to a shoot and found Elsa with her prey. She is quite the hunter. We have seen her snatch a flying bird from the air. Not like we don't feed her regularly. Purina should consider a Finch flavored cat food. Our four would be all over it. Guess it would not be the same, cats gotta be cats.

Photographers gotta be photographers, too. It was too good a photo to pass up.

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