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Friday, October 5, 2012

Back On The Sidelines

Okay, I am finally posting again.  It has been almost three months, and I have been busy.  But
not so busy that I have an excuse for not posting.  I will do better. I have a few pictures to share with y'all, and will be back on schedule next week.

Football season is back, and last night was my first time back to the sidelines with the 300f2.8 since my surgery. I have been in the gym regularly, so I ditched the monopod and hand-held last night. No problem.
So much easier to move than with that stick. I convinced myself last year that at my advanced age I should be takin' it easy. Shoulda just hit the weights.

Anyway, last night was Jones County at Warner Robins, a 7pm game start. Ooops, I was late. Walked onto the sidelines just after the kickoff. It had been over 50 years since these teams last played.  A bit of history, if you will.

The Georgia National Fair has kicked off another year. Great photo ops, and check out the photo competition.

See ya next week.

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