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Monday, October 22, 2012

Okay, More Flowers.....

I noticed these fuzzy blooms in one of Deborah's hanging baskets this morning.  I came inside to get a camera to shoot them and picked up the D70.  I have found myself doing more with it lately. Anyway, it had the Nikkor 28f2.8 lens on it.  I started to swap it for the Macro zoom and decided to bring both lenses along.

When I walked up to the basket, I noticed the way the back lighting not only illuminated the red fuzzies, but also the leaves in the background.  I thought it might be neat to show some background, so I shot with the 28.  It focuses really close, so I wa able to get the blooms decent size in my frame. The 28 had enough depth of field to keep the background items sharp enough to tell what they are without being too distracting. The 15 would have been too distinct. Anyway, I like the result.

No more flowers for a while.  I have borrowed a Nikon SB 800 from Gary Harmon, and will be playing with it's wireless capabilities. I will write about that next time.

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