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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Old Coke Building Comes Down

We are getting a New Wendys in our little town.  We have not been over run with new businesses
lately, so a new employer is a good thing. We have lots of empty buildings around town.  Some, like the one that was on the site chosen for our new Wendys are pretty old, and run down.  Not only in bad shape but loaded with asbestos and sporting other hazards. 

The decision to raze the old building brought quite an uproar from some of the Historically minded folks, this was the old Coca Cola bottling plant. Built in the 1920's or 30's. The approval from Mayor and City Council to allow the new owner to demolish the building and build the new restaurant caused quite a rift in the community. 

Some folks see new jobs coming, while others see the loss of a bit of history. It is a bit of history leaving us, but no one had done anything with the place in many years, not even providing needed upkeep. I can understand both sides of the spat, I love history, but also realize our little community needs new business
and new jobs.  

What really strikes me about all this is that folks can get so upset by something as trivial in the grand scheme of things as an old commercial building.  It was left here vacant after the company decided it was not profitable to keep employing local folks or be part of this community.  I am not sure that I see the historical significance.  

Frankly, I worry more about our less than effective congress and the fact that the folks on Capitol Hill put politics before the welfare of our country. Lets come together over a square burger and send a message to Washington.

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