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Friday, November 16, 2012

A Touch of Gold

This beautiful tree is in the front yard of my friend and neighbor Col. John Pensyl.  It dominates the street every year. I have intended on shooting it forever, and had not gotten around to doing some pictures.  This year I decided it was time, and had planned on shooting it last week. Got busy with other stuff and never made it.  Then it rained, and I feared that the leaves would all be gone.

I went up Tuesday morning to see what I coud do. I wanted that wonderful sky as an element in the photo so I took the fisheye. Shot it so the drive and the curve of the horizon kinda leads your eye to the tree.  The bottom image was from under the tree looking up. Got as close to the lowest cluster of leaves as the lens would focus.  Hope I did God's beautiful handiwork justice.

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