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Monday, November 19, 2012

Its Always Been There......

I don't know why my mind and eyes work the way they do.  The way I sometimes see things I just have to photograph. Driving down a road for the first time, and suddenly there it is, just gotta stop and take a picture.
That I understand.  But why do I drive down a road that I have traveled weekly, for a part of my like almost daily, and see something that just jumps out a me.  It has been there forever, but this particular point in time, it's a Kodak Moment.

This happened to me today.  Was coming back from Warner Robins, and decided to drive down Housers Mill Road. Nice overcast sky making some killer light and I saw this tractor sitting  in a field.  I have seen this tractor many times in the past, even photographed other objects in this field several times.  But today, it was this old International Harvester that caught my eye.  Was it the light, or the grass blowing in the wind?

Don't really know, and most times don't even wonder about stuff like this.  The way God made me. Just pick up the camera and do my thing.  If you spend too much time wondering why, it'll make you crazy.

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Rex Gambill said...

That's amazing, Danny. Love the unity of color.

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