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Monday, August 19, 2013

A Little Help For Photoshop

 I recently photographed Elena  at the old concrete plant in Fort Valley. It
has become a favorite place to shoot. Love the shapes and wonderful backgrounds available,
and seems like the late afternoon sky is always great for photos.

I have always done all my editing, enhancing and post production effects in Photoshop.
Tried Portrait Professional and several other programs, especially for portrait/glamour work, but
never really liked to results. Always  did the long drawn-out methods in Photoshop for smoothing skin, removing blemishes and making my subjects glow.

I have found some software that I really like. I have been playing with NIK's Color Efex Pro4 for several months now, and it just keeps getting better.  It is a pluin that will work with Photoshop, Elements and LightRoom.

 Some of the filters probably will never be used by me, but several of them get a workout every shoot.
It has caused a huge change in my work flow. 


Stephanie McDuffie Freeman said...

Beautiful photos! I brag on you all the time Danny. Such a talented photographer...

DougMac said...


I too love NIK plugins. I just updated to HDR Pro 2 last night. It's an improvement over HDR Pro.

Silver Efex Pro 2 is my favorite. I use it both on new images and negatives I've scanned.

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