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Friday, August 16, 2013

Close Ups

I bought a set of closeup lens a while back and have been playing with them from time to time.
Got a set of four, ranging from 1x up to 10x. I saw the water drops on this honeysuckle while walking the dog and decided to see what I could do . 

The top photo was shot with my 70-300 Macro. I used the 2X for the middle
photo and then the 4X for the bottom one. This was hand held, and I had a few that were out of focus.
It is best to shoot with a tripod. There is no depth of field with these things and the slightest move will throw your focus off.

Close up lenses are like filters, they screw onto the front of your lens. Like filters you buy them to fit the threaded rings on the front of your lens.  You can buy them individually of in sets. The lower number is less magnification, and the higher gives more.

They provide a really inexpensive way to do some close-up photography and are fun to play with.

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